Conservation and Restoration of the ARMY 8

We have been appointed by Grant Collie Associates, on behalf of the Whanganui Rowing Heritage Centre Project to Conserve and Restore for exhibition purposes the 1919 Army 8 Rowing Skiff. Details on our Project Page and

Introducing Anna Kemter

Anna Kemter from Germany arrived in mid May to work with us for initially three months. Anna is trained in the trade and restoration of gilding and polychrome surfaces, with a “Master” trade Certificate. This is a trade guild certification which requires 5 years full-time training. She has extensive experience in the restoration/conservation of historic church and palace interiors in southern Germany. Her first project here however is on a much smaller scale - the conservation treatment of a 19th century Buddhist Shrine from Japan. The polychrome surfaces are in part badly deteriorated through adverse environmental conditions in a previous life, with large areas of flaking as well as discolouration through dirt and inappropriate past cleaning.


New Website

Our new website up and running

Bourail War Cemetery

Marco Bürger and Francois Leurquin are currently in New Caledonia to carry out work at the Bourail war Cemetery. We prepared a Conservation and Maintenance Plan in July last year which was accepted by the War Graves Commission and is now being implemented.
Both Marco and Francois are contracting to Manawatu Museum Services Ltd. The logistics of organising the project are manyfold, and included the issue of how to get materials and tools over which airlines would not transport. With a bit of luck and facilitated by the client, the Royal New Zealand Navy has transport tools and materials on a ship that was scheduled to sail in that period.
Jeremy Lawrence has been roped in to compile the boxes and deliver them to the Devonport Naval Docks.